Djsh Music Nova KONTAKT
Djsh Music Nova KONTAKT | 3.89 GB

A huge collection of pads, atmospheres and sound design. Created from analogue synthesizers and found sound.

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String Theory Applying Jazz Harmony to Rock Lead Guitar TUTORiAL
String Theory Applying Jazz Harmony to Rock Lead Guitar TUTORiAL | 3.26 GB

String Theory, written by and featuring Guitar World Senior Music Editor Jimmy Brown, is a collection of the first 10 String Theory columns that appeared in Guitar World magazine and their accompanying instructional videos. Over the course of the 10 chapters, Brown presents a "schooled," or "informed," approach to improvisation that's rooted in a jazz mindset, but geared toward rock guitarists looking to expand their theoretical knowledge base and apply practical music theory.

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Pettinhouse AcousticGuitar 2 v2.0 KONTAKT
Pettinhouse AcousticGuitar 2 v2.0 KONTAKT | 2.77 GB

AcousticGuitar 2.0 is an innovative 5Gb (The Download is 3Gb) acoustic guitar for NI Kontakt 3, 4 and 5 FULL retail ver. ( It is NOT compatible with kontakt Player )

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FTPGetter Professional transforms the way you work with files on FTP servers by providing the tools you need to automate FTP transfers so you can focus on more important tasks.
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CRD Crystal Report Scheduler saves time and money by making it easier to schedule and automate Crystal reports and enjoy all the benefits of having up-to-date data-driven insights
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MARS (Microsoft Access Reports Scheduler) helps you do more with the digital data available to you by automatically collecting information from Microsoft Access databases and building and sending reports.
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Q2ID is a plugin for Adobe InDesign that lets you important and edit QuarkXPress documents while retaining all key elements throughout the conversion process.
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Wavesfactory VQ Drums KONTAKT
Wavesfactory VQ Drums KONTAKT | 3.59 GB

VQstands for "Vintage Quality". It's a sample library for Kontakt 4 and above that features a 1964 Ludwig Hollywood kit recorded with 12 mics in a wooden studio.

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Native Instruments The Gentleman v1.2 KONTAKT
Native Instruments The Gentleman v1.2 KONTAKT | 3.31 GB

Expressive, beautifully-modulated tone
State-of-the-art sample quality for rich, dynamic performance
Sampled from a vintage upright built in 1908

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Impact Soundworks Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar KONTAKT
Impact Soundworks Django Gypsy Jazz Guitar KONTAKT | 4.37 GB

A stunning collection of three virtual instruments tailor-made for gypsy jazz and swing music! DJANGO includes two lead guitars (acoustic & electric DI) plus an acoustic rhythm guitar, all with incredible realism and superb playability. The heart of Django Reinhardt's signature style, available in your DAW at last.

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NCIS: Los Angeles 6. Sezon | Exciting1467 | Star Wars Rebels