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Juniper Networks Learning Academy Presales And Sales Trainings

Juniper Networks Learning Academy Presales And Sales Trainings
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TheJuniper Networks Learning Academy is an online learning center designedto provide Partners with sustainable and valuable sales and technicalcurriculum (including JNSA and JNSS) in a v ariety of on-demand formatsincluding online testing, webinars, videos and please click read more.

1. Solutions
Thecourses focus on Service Provider and Enterprise network solutions toaddress current business and IT issues. The solutions cover network andsecurity at access control, as well as the specific networkingchallenges affecting the campus, branch, and data center. The coursesprovide information on the benefits, competitive differences, costefficiency, and strengths of Juniper solutions.

2. Service and Support
Thesecourses will offer Enterprises and Service Providers specialist theknowledge and skills to minimize network disruption. The sales andtechnical content will provide you with the tools, guidelines, andinformation to maintain your customer equipment in a timely andcost-efficient manner.

3. Sales Skills
These courses providethe knowledge and skills to advance through a sales process. Each coursewill provide a unique experience to practice these skills. The contentwas designed for sales and technical students to learn the basiccommunication skills to improve your elevator pitch to advance subjectssuch as handling customer objections and post-sales activates to meetyour customer needs.

4. Products
These courses will providesales and technical knowledge and skills to deploy and maintaincost-effective, high-performance networks. The course will provide youjust in time training on competitive acumen to maintaining and growingyour sales and technical product expertise.

5. JunOS Fundamentals
Thisbooklet collection introduces the Junos OS to new users, one day at atime. This handy set of booklets starts at the beginning with thepractical steps and knowledge to set up and operate any device runningJunos.

The JNSS (Sales Engineering) training modulesare web-based courses which allow you to conveniently gain theappropriate skills and knowledge needed to recommend Junipers solutionsto your customers.

The JNSA (Sales, Marketing andBusiness Development) training modules are web-based courses which allowyou to conveniently gain the appropriate skills and knowledge needed torecommend Junipers solutions to your customers.

8. Industry Fundamentals
The sales and technical fundamental courses cover introduction to advanced topics in networks and securities.

Thesales courses review different industry verticals on common businesspractices. Identifying the pain points and understanding the terminologyprovides you with specific industry knowledge to speak the language ofthe customer to answer and solve their business problems.

9. OLD Courses
Old versions of the Juniper Sales and Presales Courses

Detailed Contents:
Junos Fundamentals
-Junos Operating System Highlights



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