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Respiratory Physiology

Respiratory Physiology
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Respiratoryphysiology is the branch of human physiology focusing upon respiration.In physiology, respiration (often confused with breathing) is definedas the transport of oxygen from the outside air to the cells withintissues, and the transport of carbon dioxide in the opposite direction.

This is in contrast to the biochemical definition of respiration, whichrefers to cellular respiration: the metabolic process by which anorganism obtains energy by reacting oxygen with glucose to give water,carbon dioxide and ATP (energy). Although physiologic respiration isnecessary to sustain cellular respiration and thus life in animals, theprocesses are distinct: cellular respiration takes place in individualcells of the organism, while physiologic respiration concerns the bulkflow and transport of metabolites between the organism and the externalenvironment.

Respiratory Physiology



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