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CIA 9901: Andre Houle: Step, Low And Tone
CIA 9901: Andre Houle: Step, Low And Tone
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with Andre Houle
Ihave done the step section and the low-impact section once, and Ireally have positive things to say about both. The step section alreadyrates up there with CIA 9701 as my favorite step workout. There isnothing killer about it, but it is fun and well put together. Andre isincredibly easy to follow, and he has a great sense of rhythm. Hischoreography matches the music (which sounds Caribbean in parts)perfectly. It is dancy in terms of the joy of movement, but not hardto do.

I think that the perfection of Andres cuing disguises howcreative his choreography is. He has some power moves (jump-ups,lunges), but it was mostly low-impact step work. If you are looking forCathe-style power stepping, you will not find it here. If you thought9701 was boring, you will probably be bored by this as well. Iabsolutely thought it was wonderful, although I may go to an 8 step toup the intensity a bit. Even on a 6 step, I worked up a good sweat, andthe time flew by. This one will become a personal favorite of mine.
Thelow-impact portion has convinced me that it is impossible to make ahigh-intensity low impact floor tape when you have limited space. Thistape is solidly intermediate level for me, and my heart rate stayed atabout 65%. If you have more room than I do, you could probably take theintensity up a notch. That said, I think that this is an excellentintermediate floor tape, and is better than even Donna-Mite infun-factor. Andre makes it easy to follow his relatively complex steps,and he puts together his choreography very well with his music.
I didnot do the toning section, but this tape is worth the money for thestep and low-impact portions. I will pre-order anything else with Andrein it in the future. He is a gem.

Instructor comments: I really,really liked him. He was encouraging, but not obnoxious, and reallyseemed to enjoy his job. He would be easy to face in the wee hours ofthe morning.
The 37-minute step segment begins with a 9-minute warm-up followed by an intermediate workout with some different,innovative steps. Some moves: walking the bench, repeater pony, two tapsstraddle on both sides, a jump and squat going across the step followedby a knee-up, and a 3-count backward pogo.
After the heartratecheck, he starts with new moves, including mambo/shuffle/march; taparound the world; back shuffle around the step, similar to Step Fit; abaseball move he calls safe. He only does the entire combo from thetop only one time - so it was not repetitive. I really enjoyed it andwill do it again.
The 27-minute low impact was too low for me withlots of marches in place. It starts with a 7-minute warm-up and you needlots of space (count eight steps forward and you can get an idea).There are lots of marches and pivots, grapevines, step touches, and boxsteps - very basic and easy to learn. After the heartrate check, again,Andre does all new combos to keep it fresh. There is a fast rhythmgrapevine, and a cute move called the bus stop. Again, he puts it alltogether on both sides only once, followed by a 2-minute cooldown.
Ienjoyed the toning with the tubing - he keeps your feet busy with squatsand lunges using the step. Working chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps(dips, too), I got a good workout in 18 minutes for the upper body to doon an easy day. The ab work was only 4 minutes and the final stretchonly 2 minutes.
I really like Andre and hope he makes more advancedworkouts. Forgot to mention that Maria Latran (from some of Cathestapes) and Heather Day are the background exercisers. He mentioned thatMaria had a baby eight months ago (maybe thats why she was missing onCathes tapes) and she certainly looks great. In a nutshell: the stepworkout is intermediate and the low impact, probably very lowintermediate.
Instructor comments: I loved Andres tough hi/losegment on CIA 2002. He was also a semi-regular on Joannie GreggainsMorning Stretch in the early eighties. Great cueing, very likeable. Heshould make advanced videos.
CIA 9901: Andre Houle: Step, Low And Tone



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